Why your website could stop working soon

If your website is still using Adobe Flash after the end of 2020, then your website could stop working correctly

If you haven’t updated your website for a while, you might find that it stops working at the end of this year. This is because Flash is being removed from the top web browsers.

If your website was made around 10 years ago, and you still haven’t updated it then there’s a reasonable chance your website uses Adobe Flash.

Currently you can enable flash, but soon it will be removed completely

The Decline of Adobe Flash

Up until 2012 50% of all website were using Adobe Flash. At the time it was the leading way to create innovative & rich interactive content for many years.

Flash was one of the main ways to provide content online. For a time, It was the main way to provided music players, video players, animated graphics, games, even the whole website.

Adobe Flash usage declined as “open web technologies” replaced as the main way to share rich content as it was faster and more secure.

In response to this decline, the company behind Flash said they would no longer be supporting it after 2020.

Infographic: The Web Is Turning Its Back on Flash | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The End of Flash

The end of support for Flash has lead to the top web browsers to announce they would be removing it completely end of 2020.This includes Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

This means that if your website uses flash at all, that aspect will stop working.

What to can you do?

Unfortunately, if your website is using Flash, the choice is either to get your website redone or allow it to break.

Checking Your Website

If you’re unsure if a page on your website uses flash, you can use my “Flash Checker” tool. This will analyse your web page and look to see if it can find any “Flash” elements on it.


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