The Process

1. Get in touch

As with anything like this, it starts with you making contact. You can do this by either completing my online quote form or by getting in touch via the normal routes (contact details here).

I’ll have a few initial questions to ask, such as what’s the website for and an idea of your budget, if you haven’t already done so (e.g. via my online quote form).

Normally I’d like to talk to you over the phone at this point.

2. Understanding your business

The next step is to understand your business and what you want from your new website.

This normally involves follow up questions and online research based on the initial information you provided.

I may ask for you to send over any relevant business materials that you have, such as leaflets, logos and company photos.

3. Plan

Small Projects

For small projects (less than £500, such as a simple brochure website), I should be able to provide you with an estimate once I understand what’s needed for your website.

Medium Projects

For medium projects, I’ll aim to break up the project into smaller phases, which may involve some back and forth discussion. I’ll then give an initial estimate for each phase. When you’re happy with the rough plan I’ll ask for a deposit and send a more accurate estimate for the first phase. Each phase is paid on delivery, and is followed with an estimate document for the next phase.

Large Projects

For large projects, I’ll look to provide a very high level estimate, which will be subject to change over time as the requirements evolve.


4. Create

When you’re happy with everything and you’ve given the go ahead I can start work on your project.

I will design and code your website using latest technologies and best practices, helping ensure quality is embedded into your website from the bottom up.

5. Review

When your website is ready, I’ll make it available to you to preview.

You’ll then have the opportunity to review the site and provide feedback such as corrections or tweaks. If there’s anything you’d like to add we can look at providing an estimate for the additional work. 

You’ll have around a week to provide any feedback, then I’ll send you the invoice once I’ve made the necessary updates.

6. Launch

When I’ve received payment I can start making your website live. This normally involved moving the website from the temporary review site to the live web address.

6. Maintenance

The majority of website quotes will come with web hosting and domain name product costs and maintenance. This basically covers the cost of the services and maintaining them.

Ready to start your new project?